What is Ranch Water?

When we put the first test batch of Agave Twist Ranch Water Hard Seltzer on tap at the brewpub back in the summer of 2020, there was one question our staff heard quite a bit:

“…wait a minute. Ranch Water? You mean, like… salad dressing?” 

As a brewery that’s called Ohio home for over 30 years, we understood why our take on hard seltzer may have caused a little confusion among our fellow Midwestern brethren. No, Ranch Water has nothing to do with the dressing, but we think people around our parts are going to find it just as irresistible. Let’s take a dip (get it?) into the history of the refreshing cocktail that inspired our new hard seltzer.

To put it simply, Ranch Water is the classic thirst quenching drink of West Texas ranch hands made with tequila, lime, and mineral water. While the beverage is just now taking the country by storm, its origins likely date back to the 1960s, when ranch hands concocted the refreshing beverage to mark the close of long days patrolling the fences and herding the cattle. By the 2000’s, the simple mixture of tequila, lime, and mineral water was becoming a common, albeit still underground, beverage of choice amongst Texans in the know. By 2010, the cocktail began appearing on Texas restaurant and bar menus, which helped popularize the cocktail on a broader scale. Now, it’s a statewide badge of pride as Ranch Water becomes one of the hottest cocktails throughout the country. As canned cocktails and seltzers grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that Ranch Water has moseyed its way into cans too. 

Agave Twist Ranch Water Hard Seltzer is our Ohio version of the ultimate Texan refresher. Since Agave Twist uses a sugar wash base and does not contain any actual tequila, we use 100% real agave to channel the flavor of the distilled spirit. We skip the artificial sweeteners and flavorings and use whole, natural fruit purée to add a juicy twist of flavor to the bubbly beverage. Using real fruit not only makes it taste like there’s fresh pineapple or blackberry in the can, it gives our seltzer a subtle hint of color too! 

To stay true to the roots of Ranch Water, Pub Brewer and R&D wizard Steve Forman brewed his first test batch of Agave Twist with lime purée, but quickly realized the style begged for other fruity variations. After repeated experiments with other fruits, Steve landed on lemon lime, black cherry, pineapple, and blackberry to give our seltzer a variety of craveable flavors. These fruits appear on Agave Twist’s bright, colorful packaging via appetizing illustrations by artist Sam Hadley. To add to Agave Twist’s refreshment, its high carbonation level recalls the especially quenching character of mineral water. All those bubbles really put the “ahh” in agave.

And if that wasn’t enough, Agave Twist is gluten-free and has just 100 calories per 12 oz. can. Thirsty yet, partner? Agave Twist Ranch Water Hard Seltzer is shipping now throughout Ohio. Use our Beer Finder to corral a Variety 12-Pack of Agave Twist at a retailer near you.

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