Look Inside our New Beer Symposium

By Caroline Macdonell

The former Fries & Schuele department store has led quite an interesting life. Built in 1902, the building has crafted a unique identity in the years since the retailer shut its doors. It served as our first production brewery in the 90's, and our relationship with the historic building now has new life with the opening of our Beer Symposium Visitor's Center. Serving primarily as the starting point for our brewery tours, the Beer Symposium is full of interactive displays to view after you grab a sample of your favorite GLBC brew at the bar. Guests got a sneak peek of the Beer Symposium at last week's Rock the Block brand refresh party, and now we want to show you what our space is all about.

Window Shopping
Seasonally rotating window displays tell the stories behind our beers and our culture. Walking by the building, guests currently view a celebration of our new packaging, and once inside they'll see what truly defines GLBC. Displays highlight our Sumerian beer project, commitment to handcrafted brewing, and our staff’s dedication to zero waste and responsible purchasing. 

A Walk Through the Past
On the room's south wall, guests find a timeline documenting the GLBC journey from 7 barrel brewpub to the 23rd largest craft brewery in the US. The archival photos and untold stories might just show you a side of GLBC you never knew (including the difficult transition through late 80's fashion trends).

Tech Toys
We like to think that telling a story and enjoying a pint is pretty simple, but we didn't want to leave out our tech savvy guests. Our brand new company video plays on a Smart TV while an iPad houses a more interactive experience. Our new app delves into the intricacies of beer's ingredients, the brewing process, and what makes our lineup of beers so delicious. It might just excite your tastebuds, which is why it's next to the bar. See what we did there? 

Visit Our New Space
Whether you want to see the new space or take a full brewery tour, there are plenty of reasons to venture around the corner from the brewpub to the Beer Symposium. You can find more information about tours here or just stop in from 11:00am - 9:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Our tour guide staff is available during those hours to guide you through our lineup of beers, tell you a GLBC story, or give you directions to downtown Cleveland. That's what we call versatile--just like the Fries & Schuele building itself. If you have questions about our new Beer Symposium, email glbcinfo@greatlakesbrewing.com