Refreshing the GLBC Logo

At Great Lakes we hold a lot of things sacred, like the history of our taproom and production facility, and the many stories we’ve shared with our co-workers and customers over 26 years. Oh, and beer. We really love beer.

We also have deep appreciation for the logo and the labels that have played a part in taking us to where we are today.

With respect to our history and a desire to better tell the Great Lakes Brewing Company story, this May we are excited to launch our new logo and labels for our five year-round beers. Soon after you’ll see refreshed artwork for each of our seasonal beers too. Yeah, we’ve been pretty busy over here.

EST. 1988

Today we’re proud to introduce our new refreshed logo, designed by our friends at Cleveland ad agency Brokaw, Inc. The changes are subtle:

  • We’ve maintained our classic black and white look.
  • A single golden hop cone symbolizes our award-winning history and commitment to brewing with fresh, high-quality raw materials.
  • Our triple-bottom-line philosophy is still represented, now with a single golden wave.
  • To celebrate our heritage, we’ve added Est. 1988, and to express our hometown pride, we’ve kept Cleveland, OH as part of our core logo.
  • Come Memorial Day, this logo will begin making its way to packages, merchandise, and signage including tap handles and bar décor, along with our first batch of new labels. So congratulations--that Great Lakes t-shirt you have is about to become a super-cool “throwback!”

Storytelling is an Art

Don’t worry, we won’t turn Nosferatu into a fanged kitten, or douse the flames on our Burning River label. We’re staying true to our roots, and it’s not our intention to abandon the rich narratives behind each of our labels.

We know that many of our customers feel connected to our artwork, and we do too. Still, we have an opportunity to better tell the stories behind our beers. We’ve hired talented artist Darren Booth to hand-craft each one of our labels, giving them a fresh, textured, and consistent look. Darren is known for his work creating detailed paintings with collage elements, and he worked closely with us to collect archival materials and textures to incorporate into each label.

We are so excited to share Darren’s beautiful artwork with you, and throughout the next few months we’ll post sneak peeks, launch event details, and contests on our social media sites, so please stay tuned.

New Look, Same Taste

While the look and feel of our brand is important to us, none of this would matter if the contents of every bottle and keg didn’t meet our high quality standards. You can rest assured that even though our look is evolving, our classic recipes are remaining 100% unchanged. We believe that what’s in the bottle matters most, and we promise to stay true to our mission of brewing exceptional beer.