Bringing Labels to Life

When it comes to refreshing our label artwork, how can we distill…er, brew 27 years of history into 14 distinct new labels, while maintaining consistency and celebrating each beer’s individual story? That’s a job for the talented and affable Darren Booth.

Through our fellow CLE buddies at Brokaw Inc., we found Darren. Captivated by his unique and beautiful textured paintings and illustrations, we knew his approach would complement the complexity and craftsmanship of each one of our beers. After spending time with Darren here at our brewery and brainstorming ideas for the evolution of our labels, it became clear that this was a perfect pairing.

The Artistic Process

Darren worked closely with GLBC and Brokaw to learn the story of each beer, and our team provided him with artifacts and images relevant to each brand. Many of those elements were scanned and physically incorporated into the paintings that would become our new label artwork. Darren describes his process, pictured on the right:

"Each piece begins with sketching ideas and exploring compositions in order to develop a solution that best solves the creative brief. After the chosen sketches are refined, I start painting them by blocking in colors to establish a mood and color palette. Multiple layers of fragmented collage pieces are then added to help create texture, add richness to the color palettes, and create a stage for the artifacts to appear on."

His favorite label to work on?

"Commodore Perry was my favorite label to work on so far because of the technical challenges that come with capturing a likeness, as well as finding an interesting way to paint the water in the rest of the scene. What I most enjoy, though, is the variety of imagery I get to work with. One day I’m painting flames and the Cleveland skyline, and the next day I’m painting a sea monster."

More on that sea monster soon…

Coming Soon to a Shelf Near You

Here’s a first glimpse at our new 6-Packs and 12-Packs featuring our refreshed artwork (we chose Burning River for our example). Along with new “mother cartons” and taphandles, these packages will begin hitting shelves around Memorial Day.

To protect our beer from light and preserve its fresh flavor, we’ve maintained our high-walled 6-Pack carriers, but the handle is now raised, making it easier to read the beer’s style and origin (Cleveland!) on the shelf. In addition to aesthetic updates, we’ve also improved the overall integrity of our packaging to better protect the precious cargo held in each container—because you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but spilled beer is a different story.

Sneak Peeks

For updates on our brand refresh, follow @GLBC_Cleveland on Twitter and Instagram, or check in with the artist himself by following @darbooth on Twitter and @darrenbooth on Instagram for an inside look at his fascinating process. Use #GLBCRefresh to join the conversation.