Commodore Perry IPA Braised Ribs

Commodore Perry IPA Braised Ribs

- ½ C liquid smoke
- 1 C Worcestershire sauce
- 1 C soy sauce
- ½ C red wine vinegar
- 1 12 oz. bottle Commodore Perry IPA
- ½ C sugar
- ½ C salt
- 4 tbsp cumin
- 4 tbsp coriander
- 4 tbsp paprika
- 3 slabs ribs


Combine all ingredients (excluding ribs) in roasting pan. Add ribs one at a time, coating each slab in liquid, and stand ribs upright in pan. Add enough water to pan to cover ribs. Cover pan with foil, making sure it’s tightly sealed. Cook ribs for 8 hours at 225 degrees. Serve with your choice of sides for an authentic barbecue dinner.

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