Bierwolf Dunkelweizen: Back on the Prowl!

A beastly brew has transformed… into cans! For the first time ever, the cold brew flavors of Bierwolf Dunkelweizen will be unleashed in 16 oz. Cans!

Cold brew coffee, chocolate, and orange peel creep deep into the heart of this German-style Dunkelweizen, transforming a once traditional brew into a hauntingly decadent hybrid. Drinker beware! One sip of this wild beast will have you howling for more!

Bierwolf Dunkelweizen is available at the gift shop now. Sniff out the complex aromas and flavors of Bierwolf when it hits distribution in 16 oz. Can 4-Packs and Draft beginning January 4. Learn more below…

Flavor: Claw through a feral fusion of cold brew, chocolate, banana, and spice
ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 25
Pairs with: Gouda cheese, ham, banana cream pie, and a full moon

Dunkelweizen means “dark wheat” in German. A traditional Bavarian style, Dunkelweizen was once only allowed to be brewed by the ruling party of Bavaria. Thankfully in 1872, Bavarian dukes sold the right to brew wheat beers to Georg Schneider, and the rest is history. Traditional Dunkelweizens are copper-brown with a thick, foamy head, and banana, clove, and caramel aromas.

Stalk your way through Bierwolf’s Bavarian-inspired scene, if you dare! You’ll spot the special ingredients that add even more complexity to our Dunkelweizen’s traditional banana and clove aromas and sweet malt flavors: chocolate mountains, an orange full moon, and a chilly cold brew river.

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