Siren Shores Passion Fruit Saison Now Available!

Ahoy, weary sailor! For a tempting melody calls from our rocky coasts! Listen closely, for the enchanting chorus of Siren Shores Passion Fruit Saison is here!

The first employee team recipe ever created on our Small Batch Pilot System, our newest seasonal sings an irresistible melody of fruit and spice. Heed the call of the North Coast’s “inland seas” and plunge into an e­ffervescent maelstrom of sweet passion fruit, zesty spices, and tempting tropical fruit aromas. The season is of the Siren is here – sink deep into its flavorful essence.

Inspired by mythological stories and brewed with premium ingredients including 10 pounds of passion fruit purée per barrel, Siren Shores Passion Fruit Saison is the newest addition to our Legendary Series and features mesmeric artwork from illustrator Sam Hadley.

Siren Shores Passion Fruit Saison is now on tap at the brewpub and gift shop. Find it throughout our entire distribution footprint beginning Monday, May 11. 

Learn more about Siren Shores Passion Fruit Saison below…

Flavor: Surrender to the sweet harmony of luscious passion fruit, candied ginger, and pink peppercorn.
ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 15
Pairs with: Grilled salmon, charcuterie, and splashing around

Saison (“season” in French) was originally produced in southern Belgian farmhouses using ingredients grown on the farm. At first low in alcohol content to sate the thirst of summer farmhands, higher strength versions appeared after WWII, retaining the style’s humble origins despite being brewed commercially. Although a very versatile style, saisons tend to be pale, refreshing, and dry with high carbonation and a fruity, spicy yeast character.

The North Coast’s “five sisters” —AKA the Great Lakes—inspired our Passion Fruit Saison’s enchanting and dramatic label artwork. Scan the horizon beyond the siren sisters’ ingredient off­erings and you’ll spot iconic landmarks from each Great Lake rising above the tumultuous waves.

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