Limited Release Lemon Hefeweizen Is Here!

The next edition of our Limited Release Series is giving a modern squeeze to a Bavarian classic! Open up your biergarten and let the sunlight in, because the thirst-quenching flavor of Lemon Hefeweizen is here!

With a fluffy white head peaking high above, refreshing Alpen aromas of banana and clove breeze about as zesty lemon flavors climb their way to an effervescent summit. Gregarious and bright, Lemon Hefeweizen is a frothy and fruity shandy-style brew worth hoisting more than einst. 

Exquisitely crafted and packed with flavor, Lemon Hefeweizen is the latest Limited Release "one and done" brew that brings a little small-batch magic from our backyard to yours.

Lemon Hefeweizen is available now in bottles at the gift shop and on tap at the brewpub. Find it in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and Draft throughout our entire distribution footprint beginning Monday, April 27. 

Learn more about Lemon Hefeweizen below…

Flavor: Cloudy and spirited with classic banana and clove aromas and a zestful lemony finish.
ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 25
Pairs with: Lemon risotto, salmon, and biergartens

German for “yeast wheat”, Hefeweizen is a classic Bavarian style that’s both cloudy and bright. Despite its near-ubiquity in modern day southern Germany, pale wheat beers only gained their contemporary popularity in the mid-1960’s. A classic Hefeweizen is unfiltered and sports a hazy appearance, thanks to wheat’s high protein content. Banana and clove flavors abound, supported by high carbonation, a dry finish, and a fluffy mouthfeel.

You don’t need to keep your eyes peeled to discover our Hefeweizen’s special ingredient. The quirky lederhosen-clad lemon on our label represents the real lemon peel and purée that bring a bracing burst of citrus to our otherwise traditional Hefeweizen, making it a far more sophisticated brew than its mustachioed mascot might lead you to believe.

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