Wigle Whiskey Distillery & Great Lakes Brewing Co. Collaboration

Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey Distillery and Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company Form Partnership on Two Category-Crossing Beverages for the Holidays!


Wigle Whiskey and Great Lakes Brewing Company will release two collaborative beverages for the 2019 holiday season: Rudolph, Wigle’s Straight Holiday Whiskey aged in Great Lakes’ 2018 Christmas Ale barrels, and a special release of Great Lakes’ 2019 Christmas Ale aged in Wigle Whiskey barrels. 

The partnership was initially formed over a friendship between teams. After each team spend a day at the others’ production sites, the partners decided on a clear path forward: the marriage of two highly-anticipated seasonal products. 

“We’ve always personally loved Great Lakes beers and have admired Great Lakes for being early leaders of craft beer, for their innovation and commitment to community. When a partnership opportunity was on the table, we jumped at the chance to showcase these two crowd-favorite products together” says Meredith Meyer Grelli, Co-Owner of Wigle Whiskey. “There is fantastic energy between the teams at Great Lakes and Wigle”. 

The two product releases will be highlighted through an event hosted at Wigle Whiskey’s Pittsburgh Distillery, an event hosted at Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Cleveland Tasting Room, and several market events at Cleveland and Pittsburgh bars and restaurants.

Made from Wigle’s Organic Straight Whiskey aged for more than 2 years in new American oak barrels, Rudolph undergoes a secondary maturation period in Great Lakes’ 2018 Barrel-Aged Christmas Ale casks for 10 months. The additional aging period lends notes of cinnamon, ginger, and honey, which complement the notes of baked apple and toffee already prevalent in Wigle’s Straight Whiskey. 

Rudolph will be released at Wigle Distillery in Pittsburgh’s Strip District on Wednesday, November 27th. From 6-10 PM, Wigle and a Great Lakes Brewing Company representative will sample the two releases side by side for guests. Hot cocktails and cookies will be served. The event is free to the public.

A holiday classic since 1992,Great Lakes Brewing Company’s award-winning fan favorite Christmas Ale is brewed with a balanced blend of specialty malts, fresh-cut ginger, cinnamon, and Michigan honey. The 10 months aging in Wigle’s used barrels enhances Christmas Ale’s characteristic warming, spicy flavors.

Great Lakes will release the Wigle barrel-aged Christmas Ale on December 10th at their annual Holiday Brewmaster’s Dinner. The dinner will include five seasonally-themed courses paired with Great Lakes Brewing Company beers, including one course highlighting a side-by-side tasting of Rudolph and the barrel-aged Christmas Ale. A brewer and chef will introduce and describe each pairing to guests. The event begins at 7 PM, and tickets can be purchased through the Great Lakes Brewing Company website for $60.

About Wigle Whiskey: 
Founded in 2012, Wigle Whiskey is Pittsburgh’s first distillery since Prohibition. Since beginning distilling, Wigle has released over 36 unique whiskeys, gins, rums, brandies, and liqueurs. The distillery has worked to restore Pittsburgh’s legacy as the birthplace of American whiskey through education and innovation. Wigle spirits are distributed throughout the country and the Distillery has been the most awarded Craft Whiskey Distillery in the US by the American Craft Spirits Association for four straight years. 

About Great Lakes Brewing Company:
Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) was founded in 1988 by brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway in Cleveland, Ohio. Independent and employee-owned, GLBC is known for its award-winning portfolio of fresh, balanced, and flavorful beers with names and artwork that tell stories of the Great Lakes region. Since its founding, GLBC has remained a principle-centered brewery with a “triple bottom line” philosophy, balancing financial responsibility with social and environmental responsibility.