Small Batch Gose Release

Our taste for experimentation has gone sour (and we couldn't be more excited!) Gose, our latest Small Batch Can Series release, is here just in time for fun in the sun!

A sour ale with a refreshingly light and crisp body, Gose is brewed with real salt, coriander, and whole lemons for a brisk and citrusy snap that "gose" well with hot summer days (and corny puns). Sure, it may not sound like your typical patio sipper, but this historic German style has refreshed drinkers since the middle ages with its lively and quenching character. 

Small Batch Gose will be available for a limited time in 6-Pack 12 oz. Cans at the GLBC gift shop beginning Friday, July 12. A limited amount will be distributed throughout Northeast Ohio beginning Monday, July 15. Learn more about Small Batch Gose (and our Small Batch Can Series) below...

Flavor: Slightly tart, effervescent, and smooth, with a touch of saltiness, light herbal aromas, and a lemony zip.
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 5
Pairs with: Ceviche, mango salsa, creamy cheeses, and patio season.

This historic German beer was first produced in Goslar in the middle ages, and gained popularity in Leipzig around 1900. Traditional Goses are brewed with coriander and salt, and at least part of the grain bill must be malted wheat. The style’s light acidity, low alcohol, and very low bitterness make it quenching and drinkable. Goses have recently gained popularity in the U.S., with many brewers experimenting with a wide variety of adjuncts. Ours is a simple and delicious take on the classic formula, with the unique addition of whole lemons for a bracing citrus finish.

In 2018 we installed a brand new 2-barrel pilot system in our production brewhouse. Small but mighty, this mini-operation has served up ample opportunities for research and development, training, and—most importantly—innovation. Ideas, recipes, and style inspiration come from all areas of our GLBC family, and are typically only available on tap in our brewpub. Our Small Batch Can Series brings our favorite experiments to you, and represents our passion for exploration, experimentation, and fun. Because we enjoy brewing a little a lot.

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