Burning River Pale Ale: Now Brewed With Regional Ingredients

Near the end of 2017, we announced some changes to our Burning River Pale Ale recipe. Our classic Pale Ale is making its way to all of our markets starting this week with updated packaging and a refreshed bill of ingredients featuring regionally sourced hops and malt.

Burning River Pale Ale was inspired by the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969, which sparked a renewed interest in environmentalism. For years Burning River Pale Ale has been a symbol of our commitment to celebrating and protecting our natural resources, and we’re excited that we’re now able to incorporate regional ingredients into this beloved beer’s story. While the refreshed Burning River will taste different than our original recipe, we are excited to share the evolution of this beer with our customers.

Brewmaster Mark Hunger believes that the Cascade and Centennial hops sourced from MI Local Hops in Traverse City and the Caramel 60 malt malted right here in Cleveland by Haus Malts, brighten Burning River’s aromas and flavors while still honoring its roots as a classic American Pale Ale. He’s also adjusted the beer’s grain bill to make it even more balanced and refreshing.

Mark notes, “High quality locally sourced hops and malt have recently become available and we felt strongly that we needed to incorporate these into our beer. We decided to use these in the Burning River for a soft malt profile and balanced hop experience, which showcases what we can get from our own backyard.” 

Bottles and kegs of refreshed Burning River Pale Ale will begin making their way everywhere our beer is sold beginning in February. You’ll be able to spot new packages on the shelves by the bright orange band on our bottles’ body and neck labels. You may also see bookmarks noting Burning River’s new ingredients in 6-packs at select retailers.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about Burning River Pale Ale and all of our beer. Chat with us on Twitter @GLBC_Cleveland or send us an email at glbcinfo@greatlakesbrewing.com.

Burning River Pale Ale's updated label.

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