Boo Brews! Your GLBC & Halloween Candy Pairing Guide

With Halloween just around the corner, there's no sense in tricking yourself into thinking that the treats are just for the kids. So, in honor of one of our favorite holidays, we turned to New York and Western Pennsylvania Area Sales Manager and Certified Cicerone Mike Friedle to find out which candies pair well with some GLBC favorites. Have any candy and beer pairings planned for your own spooky evening? Show us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we might just re-share them!

Eliot Ness Amber Lager with Heath Toffee Bars
Mike says: "This is a great complementary flavor pairing. Ness has a sweet, caramel-forward nose to begin with, but when you add the Heath English Toffee to it, the first flavors that I get are very reminiscent of a morning favorite of mine - buttered toast. The butter from the toffee interplays and really draws out the toasted malt bill of Eliot Ness. Lastly, lightly roasted walnuts round out the finish, a flavor not present in Ness on its own, but something that complements the toffee very well."

Commodore Perry IPA with Sour Patch Kids

Mike says: "The interplay between the bitter and tart/sugary flavors is where we find the magic here. After sipping the beer and popping a Sour Patch Kid into my mouth, I notice the sour/tartness of the candy immediately takes over. The sugary sweet combination quickly follows and at that point, if you have another sip of Commodore Perry, it’s as if you were biting into a bright, juicy orange that floods your taste buds."  

Barrel Aged Imperial Smoked Porter with Kit Kats

Mike says: "This pairing is decadent. On their own, both of these are high on my list of favorite treats. Together, they become sublime. As the Imperial Smoked Porter chases the Kit Kat, some magic happens and we’re hit with vivid vanilla flavors, which blend beautifully with the milk chocolate and the Porter's boozy bourbon warmth. Finally, a subtle smokiness cleanses the palate and perfectly set up the next bite."

Ohio City Oatmeal Stout with Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

Mike says: "First off, the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups are key here.They’re richer and less salty than their Reese’s counterparts. This richness (and classic Butterfinger texture) is a sharp contrast to the ever-so-smooth texture and mouthfeel of Ohio City Oatmeal Stout. The finish is like a freshly drawn espresso with a sugar cube in it. Airy, light, and rich all at once."

Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale with Atomic Fireballs

Mike says: "Nosferatu is a bold beer with aggressive flavors. In order to have any pairing stand up to those flavors, it needs to be equally as bold. This is where the Atomic Fireballs come in. The heat and spice of the cinnamon extinguish the sharp bitterness in Nosferatu's finish, and allow for the sweetness of the malt to shine through. Upon first sip, neither the bitterness of the beer or the heat from the candy are present, but that brief moment is quickly overtaken by cinnamon heat and invites you to take another sip to extinguish it once again."    

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Words by Adam Ritterspach

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