Brewhouse Jams! GLBC Employees Pick Their Turntable Pils Record!

To say we're still excited about Turntable Pils being available year-round is a bit of an understatement. We've got a Turntable Pils Vinyl Pop-Up Shop coming to the brewery and have been giving away some incredible prize packs to fans that share their favorite Turntable Pils vinyl pairing (which you can still submit to).

All of this celebrating has gotten us thirsty for some new tunes, so we asked some of our employees which record they'd pair Turntable Pils with:

Name: Molly
Position: Marketing Events Coordinator
Tenure: A little over a year
Favorite GLBC Beer: Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Her Turntable Pils Record Pairing: Graceland by Paul Simon

Why?: I have distinct memories of my mom listening to this as she cooked or did things around the house. She would always play it on my dad's record player. That record was definitely part of my childhood and my mom and I both love Paul Simon because of it. Plus, the "You Can Call Me Al" video is classic.

If you could share a Turntable Pils with any musician, living or alive, it would be... Paul Simon (laughs). I think he'd love it. He'd just be great to talk to. He's been through so many different generations of music, you know he has some amazing stories. I mean, how many times has he been on SNL? I would love to hear him talk about SNL, Chevy Chase, and what it was like to be young in New York City during the 70's. 


Name: Steve
Position: Bartender
Tenure: 22 years
Favorite GLBC Beer: Moondog ESB

His Turntable Pils Record Pairing: Whole Lotta Love/Immigrant Song 7" single - Led Zeppelin

Why?: What can be said about Zeppelin that all of the music journalists haven't already said? I grew up in Newcastle, England and was 13 when I first heard them. My older brother liked them and I listened to whatever he was into, but Zeppelin really stuck. This single was a reissue. I probably bought it around 1978 at a record fair. "Immigrant Song" is still a favorite. The intro just sounded so unusual while still having that classic heavy rock feel.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page played Cleveland together back in 1995 at the Gund Arena (now the Quicken Loans Arena). Someone at the Gund must have known Robert liked castles and English-style bars and recommended to them they make Great Lakes the afterparty location. Our brewpub cellar is very castle-like in a way, so it made sense. The plans were sort of made in secret because the tour crew didn't want the place to be packed. No one really knew they were coming expect for a few staff members, but the brewpub manager at the time insisted I work that night. It was unbelievable. I was a bit nervous about the security guards because I had heard some pretty rough stories from their early touring years, but everyone was just having a great time. Robert and Jimmy got there around 11PM and closed the bar out. They stuck with mostly spirits (laughs). Serving them drinks all night is something I'll never forget. 


Name: Zach
Position: Bottler
Tenure: 2 years
Favorite GLBC Beer: Grandes Lagos Lager

His Turntable Pils Record Pairing: You & Me - The Walkmen

Why?: It's just a brilliantly produced record. It has a balanced sound and every instrument comes through beautifully. There isn't a bad song on the whole thing. "Red Moon" is a favorite because it's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard but it never crosses into that cheesy emo territory. "Canadian Girl" reminds me of every party I've ever been to and "Dónde Está La Playa" just makes me want to go to the beach.

Any memories associated with this record?: Yeah! Around the time this record came out I was celebrating New Year's Eve with a few buddies. We were just getting ready to go out and celebrate when the song "In The New Year" came on and we all just sort of sat there for a minute not saying anything. There was just this sense of optimism in the room during that really brief, unexpected moment.

Words by Adam Ritterspach

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