Meet 2017's New Brews!

This might be our favorite time of year. Not only are friends and family reuniting and warming up with pints of Christmas Ale, Blackout Stout, and Ohio City Oatmeal Stout, but we’re already looking ahead to another exciting year of seasonal releases to gift our new and loyal fans. 

Last week we announced our 2017 seasonal lineup with new artwork by Darren Booth. We haven’t even shared our barrel aged, pub exclusive, or limited draft releases for 2017 and already we feel we’ve got something new for everyone!

In case you missed our initial announcement, we thought we’d introduce you to our new packaged seasonals. They’ll join our returning seasonals and year-round brands (now including Turntable Pils!) on shelves next year.

A number of iconic lighthouses mark our region, but one in particular shines a little brighter. Built in 1821 on Lake Erie's rocky shore, Marblehead Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes, and once employed the first female keeper on the Great Lakes. While you enjoy our crisp, radiant Blonde Ale, keep watch over our label to find the lighthouse's historic fresnel lens and glacial grooves marking the surrounding terrain.

Flavor: Aglow with crisp hop aromas, an incandescent golden hue, and a smooth, navigable malt finish
ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 30
Available: March, in our Fridge Filler Variety Pack
Pairs With: Salads, sushi, and clear skies

Take a road trip to our brewpub and you'll likely pass a scene or two just like the painting on our label. You might also enjoy one of our signature burgers, made fresh daily at the West Side Market with spent-grain beef. You'll find a cluster of spent grain on our label, representing our brewpub's brewery-to-farm-to-table connection.

Flavor: Fruity hop aromas roam free-range through a bountiful field of oats and golden malt
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 35
Available: March, in our Fridge Filler Variety Pack
Pairs With: Roast chicken, English cheeses, and fields of gold

Hop by Numbers IPA is a tribute to the yet-to-be-named experimental hops that will inspire the next great beer—in this case, 06277. Often, these hops are identified only by a thread of numbers as they grow, and if they prove their worth in a few special beers, they may graduate from numbered plant to cult hero. It takes a creative mind and a skilled hand to fully realize the potential of these aromatic flowers and turn them into a work of art.

Flavor: Aromatic tropical fruit accents and strokes of pine bitterness blend to highlight a bright amber palette
ABV: 7.2%
IBU: 80
Available: March, in our Fridge Filler Variety Pack
Pairs With: Carrot cake, grilled meats, and a blank canvas

You might not find hibiscus flowers on the Great Lakes, but float across our label artwork to spy a few plucked petals—the same kind our Pub Brewer added to his new Mexican-style Lager for a festive, tangy twist. The beer’s pink hue surprised a few customers at first, but Grandes Lagos quickly blossomed into a brewpub favorite worth traveling for.

Flavor: A breezy getaway accented by beams of golden malt and a tart, pink-tinged hibiscus sunset
ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 20
Available: March in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and Draft
Pairs With: Shellfish, fruit desserts, and spring break

If you dare, look deep within our label artwork's hypnotic circles where you'll uncover our mad scientist Brewmaster's calculation for IBU (International Bittering Units), his way of satisfying our hophead customers' fervid quest for that tantalizing green plant!

Flavor: Maniacally dry-hopped, with a frenzy of juicy aromas and a formidable pine finish
ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 80
Available: April in 4-Packs and Draft
Pairs With: Spicy foods, milder blue cheeses, and midnight movies

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