New Arctic Ancient Imperial IPA

Arctic Ancient Imperial IPA

This frothy forecast calls for extreme conditions! Arctic Ancient Imperial IPA steps out of the freezer and into your fridge as the newest release in our Imperial IPA Series.

Arctic Ancient emerges fresh from our brewhouse to break the ice with an avalanche of flavor. With juicy yet jagged intense hop character, Arctic Ancient adds a wicked twist to your wintry brew mix.

Arctic Ancient Imperial IPA takes the GLBC gift shop by storm beginning Friday, October 27. Look for Arctic Ancient in 16 oz. cans and draft throughout our distribution footprint beginning Monday, November 6. To locate Arctic Ancient Imperial IPA and other GLBC beers in your area, visit our Beer Finder.

GLBC Gift Shop: Beginning Friday, October 27
GLBC Brewpub: Coming soon!
GLBC Market Distribution: Beginning Monday, November 6
Packages: 16 oz. Can Imperial IPA Series 4-Packs, Draft

Flavor: Take cover by the fire and brace yourself for an epic Imperial IPA packed with chill-busting juicy hop notes.
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 45
Pairs with: Pan seared salmon, hot chicken sandwiches, and crème brûlée

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