Ruby's Revenge Imperial Grapefruit IPA: Now Available!

Hop growers, beware! A calamitous citrus crop is creeping closer! Ruby’s Revenge Imperial Grapefruit IPA is ready to debut in 16 oz. Cans and Draft!

It’s botanical b-movie madness! A twisted tribute to the campy monsters of so-bad-they’re-good horror films, Ruby’s Revenge is a big, bad beast of an Imperial IPA. Imagine a garden-variety hop with powerful citrus notes growing a little too close to a vat of radioactive grapefruit purée, and boom! Ruby’s wreaking delicious havoc. Talk about sweet revenge. With freshly harvested artwork by illustrator Sam Hadley, Ruby’s Revenge is ready to add a little gnar to your garden (or beer cooler) this summer.

Ruby’s Revenge Imperial Grapefruit IPA is the newest addition to our Imperial IPA Series, a collection of epic IPAs with bold flavors, premium ingredients, and legendary lore, available in 16 oz. Can 4-Packs and Draft.

Ruby’s Revenge Imperial Grapefruit IPA is available now at the GLBC gift shop. Look for it throughout our distribution footprint beginning Monday, June 6. More details below…

GLBC Gift Shop: Available Now!
GLBC Market Distribution: Beginning Monday, June 6

Flavor: Attack a vengefully hoppy grove of gargantuan grapefruit
ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 75
Pairs with: Pad Thai, pungent cheeses, and creature features

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