Pairings for a TropiCoastal Picnic

The days may be shorter, but there’s plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors, so head to the coast and soak in some more beach time! You’ve already got a 6-Pack of TropiCoastal Tropical IPA in the cooler, but what to eat with it? To find the perfect match for your al fresco dining experience, use some time-tested beer and food pairing principles: complement, finding matching flavors in both beer and food, contrast, using differing flavors in beer and food to create a new, unique experience, and cut, where carbonation and hop bitterness refresh the palate for the next bite. Let’s get pairing! 

Want to keep it classic? Nothing says “picnic” like a simple ham sandwich on fresh-baked white bread. To dress it up a little bit let's throw on some pineapple. Those fruit slices will complement TropiCoastal IPA’s similarly citrus and pineapple-forward hop flavor, creating resonance of flavor between food and drink. And a cold cut sandwich wouldn’t be complete without just a little bit of mayonnaise. The pleasant bitterness of TropiCoastal IPA will cut right through the mayo’s creaminess, refreshing the palate for another bite. That same cutting quality will work with potato salad too (and if you’re like us, the sides are just as important as the main course!)

Perhaps you’re looking to satisfy your inner foodie, so let’s make that outdoor meal extra special. Few things pair better with relaxing by the lake or ocean than fresh fish. Ever had ceviche? If not, you’re in for a treat! Our house recipe masterfully combines light, fresh seafood with a medley of citrus juices, crisp vegetables, ripe avocado, and jalapeños for kicks. Take that food pairing game to the next level through contrast, as the light acidity from fresh-sliced fruit enhances the beer’s mango and passion fruit tropical hop flavors, and light caramel malt sweetness helps temper the heat of the peppers. And naturally, our ceviche has a little TropiCoastal IPA in it as well!

Who said you can’t enjoy outdoor dining on a cool, crisp early autumn evening? After all, TropiCoastal IPA is available year round! Throw on a hoodie, rev up the fire pit, and let’s get grilling. Protein is dealer’s choice: chicken thighs, traditional bratwurst, shrimp kebobs, and more will all work here. Toss ‘em on the fire, and after a few minutes, witness the power of the Maillard reaction, the browning process that foods go through when exposed to heat. This grilled goodness will mesh just right with TropiCoastal IPA’s golden malt presence. For those heftier main courses, the beer’s snappy hop bitterness will lift fat off the palate, and lighter fare such as a side of crunchy, garden grown carrots or peppers jibes nicely with TropiCoastal IPA’s light, crisp body. 

No matter where you spread your blanket, and no matter what you choose to pair with it, TropiCoastal IPA is there to accompany your getaway. Use our Beer Finder to find TropiCoastal IPA near you and keep those island vibes going all year long.

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