Hail the Hop King! The Making of Tidal Fury

A new hop king has risen from the hazy depths! We’ve summoned Tidal Fury Imperial Hazy IPA to be the newest member of our Imperial IPA Series, featuring the biggest and boldest hoppy goodness we can conjure up, in 16 oz. Can 4-Packs. Tidal Fury brings GLBC hopheads into uncharted waters with the Imperial Hazy IPA style. 

Originally bestowed upon the stouts shipped to the Russian imperial court, the moniker “Imperial” indicates a beer will have more of everything – more ABV (Tidal Fury clocks in at 8%), and in the case of IPAs, a lot more hop aroma and flavor! Attach “imperial” to a Hazy IPA, and we’re taking the style’s tropical, stone fruit, and citrus flavors to the next level, while keeping the mouthfeel full and the bitterness soft. 

Tidal Fury delivers these qualities in mighty fashion. Aromas of navel orange, tangerine, and candy burst forth from the glass, with a mild spicy, floral complement. On the palate, pithy citrus leads before a wave of passion fruit and mango washes through, with just a touch of pine on the finish. Gentle bitterness – Tidal Fury registers 40 IBUs – and a pleasant hoppy aftertaste mark Tidal Fury’s reign. Love what you tasting in Tidal Fury? Let us know what flavors you’re picking up via @GLBC_Cleveland on Instagram and Twitter

As exciting as they are, hops aren’t the only thing that make an Imperial Hazy IPA. Our brewers use oats and wheat to give the beer extra body, which helps counter bitterness derived from intense hopping. Honey Malt and Carapils lend a touch of sweetness, providing a framework for the fruity flourish of hops. Even unique water adjustments are made to ensure Tidal Fury’s flavor rushes in as intensely hoppy, but not assertive in bitterness. 

Let’s be real, though – hops are the star of the show! In Tidal Fury, our brewers are excited to show off some new varietals they’ve gotten into. While old reliable Simcoe makes a brief appearance, Trident and Zappa are the main attraction. Zappa splashes into the whirlpool for flavors reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles. Then, Trident delivers that tidal wave of citrus and tropical fruit aromas from generous dry hop additions, including during active fermentation. This allows our British ale yeast to unlock additional fruit flavors from these hops – a process called biotransformation. Pretty epic! 

Trident hops aren’t just central to Tidal Fury’s aroma and flavor – they’re also the inspiration behind the beer’s name and label. Developed by GLBC label artist Sam Hadley, Tidal Fury’s art features a mighty sea king rising from the murky depths, summoning to mind the rush of intense hop flavors in our Imperial Hazy IPA. Our newest hop-charged character fits right in, expressing the big flavors, bold ingredients, and legendary lore that the Imperial IPA Series is all about!

An Imperial IPA is full flavored enough to thoroughly enjoy on its own! But beer and food are a match made by the gods, and Tidal Fury’s intense tropical fruit and citrus flavors will match wonderfully with dishes featuring similar fruits, such as Hawaiian pizza or citrus-marinated grilled tuna. Or, just grab a can and plop down on the porch for summertime storm watching! 

Tidal Fury Imperial Hazy IPA is available now at the GLBC Gift Shop, and throughout our distribution footprint beginning Monday, June 21. Come visit us to get the freshest haze available, or use our Beer Finder to behold Tidal Fury at a store near you! 

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