Bundle Up & Sip! A Winter Activity Beer Pairing Guide

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 10:30am

Ahh, it’s that time of the year. You know, when the sun seems to set at 3PM and you suddenly realize your Instagram grid has taken a bummer of a dramatic turn from dreamy sun dappled landscapes and rooftop views to an endless scroll of images of your dog sleeping in various positions near the radiator. The pooch is right. It can be hard to feel motivated to do much of anything this time of year, what with the dark, and the cold, and your seasonal fate clutched in the uncharitable little paws of some groundhog in Punxsutawney. 

But as we all know, everything is just a tiny bit more tolerable with a tasty beverage in hand. So to guide you through your deep-winter doldrums, we’ve created a helpful guide for pairing our beers with the perfect winter activity—whether you’re a cold weather go-getter or a heat seeking homebody.

Go Birding with Great Lakes IPA
Take a hint from the playful cardinal and stately heron on Great Lakes IPA’s can and make some feathered friends who are far too hardy to let a little cold snap their soaring plans. The snow can provide a beautiful backdrop for your hike, and gives helpful contrast so critters stand out against the bright white scenery. Your brain will thank you for giving it a break from screen time (and the other kind of tweets) and the crisp, bracing, citrusy hop flavors of Great Lakes IPA taste even more refreshing al fresco.

Crush Some Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing with Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat
Feeling cooped up and want to get moving? Challenge yourself to an afternoon of shuffling and gliding your way through your backyard or the backcountry with a pair of snowshoes or skis. Blazing a new trail can be quite a workout, so take a break with a refreshing can of Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat. Brewed with real orange and lemon, Crushworthy’s bright citrus notes and light body make for a quenching finisher after hoofing through the snowdrifts (along with some good old H2O, of course). Best of all, at just 105 calories, you’ll feel ready to slide into a second round of adventure in no time.

Take Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA to the Ice Fishing Hole
South Bay Bessie’s January release and intensely hoppy, full-bodied profile make her a perfect pairing for a more extreme winter pastime. After pulling a hearty freshwater haul back to your base camp, cabin, or shanty, transport yourself from frozen temperatures with Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA's tropical fruit notes and bold, citrusy, piney finish--then get ready to tell some of your own tall fish tales. Or just stay in the cabin and pair Lake Erie Monster with some spicy fish tacos for an even more intense and delicious hop attack. 

Plan a Dream Vacation with TropiCoastal Tropical IPA
Sometimes you just need to chase sunshine and serotonin. We get it. We’re in Cleveland, after all. And what better way to flee the deepest, darkest, coldest nights of the year than planning a soul-thawing getaway to look forward to? Settle into your thickest blanket, cue your favorite pool party playlist, and start swiping through dream vacation rentals with a freshly poured pint (or tiki mug) of TropiCoastal Tropical IPA in hand. This fruit-forward, crushable, sunny IPA is a getaway in a glass and will have you booking a flight on Instant Paradise Airlines in no time (even if it’s just in your mind). 

Go Downhill—Fast—with Hazecraft Hazy IPA
Unleash your inner kid, strap on some moon—er, snow—boots, and head for the hills! We’ve found that whooshing head first down a perfectly slick starlit hill on an old-school metal runner sled is the next best thing to space flight. And for that reason, the juicy, hazy, tropical hop galaxy that bursts through each sip of Hazecraft IPA makes it a perfectly invigorating co-pilot. At 6.7% ABV and with a smooth-drinking finish, Hazecraft is well-suited for blasting off and ascending the longest and steepest runs. Take a sip, squint, and imagine the snowy landscape is the surface of an unexplored planet. Then scramble up the hill and ride again.

Make it a Game Night and Pass “Go” with Conway’s Irish Ale
Let the luck of the Irish Ale lead you to victory in your next round of Texas Hold’em, or that elaborate tabletop game your persistent friend keeps trying to teach you. The warming and toasty malt body of the smooth and slightly sweet Conway’s Irish Ale create a cozy profile that’s just the ticket for a game night in with friends and laughs at a crowded table. Conway’s also pairs perfectly with your favorite game night snacks like pretzels, French onion dip, and charcuterie so it’s more than down to be dealt another hand. And it’s available in cans, bottles, and draft so you can really choose your own adventure.

Go for Glory with Dortmunder Gold Lager
Winter might not be the most active season for many, but that doesn’t mean that sports action goes cold. Pro and college hoops, hockey, football, and international soccer heat up, and every four years we enjoy the collective experience of instantly becoming experts in curling and skeleton! For tailgates, game day potlucks, and bracketology, we recommend reaching for the winningest brew in our lineup: Dortmunder Gold Lager. You want hops? Dortmunder’s above the rim. You want malt? Dort’s as smooth as a curling stone. This gold medal balance of Caramel malt and Cascade and Mt. Hood hops has made Dortmunder Gold a true utility player since its rookie season in 1988. Grab a 15-Pack to take you through the ‘offs and into the offseason (if that even exists).

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