A Christmas Ale Feast!

We love ham, we really do. Scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole? All well and good. But sometimes, it's fun to mix things up and create new holiday traditions to pair with your Christmas Ale. Try something different this season with our three course Christmas Ale feast, featuring recipes concocted by our very own employee-owners!

Before you get cooking, warm up with Brewpub Manager Ashley Likavec's Slow Cooker Mulled Christmas Ale. It’s a breeze to make (and a joy to taste), so you can set it and forget it while prepping for the meal ahead. Watch Ashley craft this Christmas-y cocktail here. Pro tip: this recipe works equally well as a dessert-like after-dinner drink, too.

True, holiday meals often center the bird as the main course (looking at you, Thanksgiving turkey). But Kegging Line Operator Scott Ward’s Christmas Ale Chipotle Wings spice things up by flipping the lineup and letting the fowl lead off. While this recipe makes a great addition to a delicious holiday feast, it's also a perfect sweet-heat appetizer for your gameday watch parties.

Now that the kitchen is warming up, it's time to bundle up and head outside! Grilling season never ends in the Midwest, and few main courses pair better with a special mid-winter celebration than a good old-fashioned steak. Make yours appropriately festive with Maintenance Specialist Hans Larsen’s Christmas Ale Steak Marinade. Dreaming of an herbivore holiday? Try the marinade on some portobello mushroom caps for a tasty meatless alternative.

Fun fact: the question, “did you save room for dessert?” is completely rhetorical during the holidays. Finish off your banquet with HR/Recruiting Coordinator Nadav Marcus’ Christmas Ale Apple Crisp. There’s something particularly satisfying about watching a scoop of vanilla ice cream melt over the warm crunchy topping. And it goes without saying that this scrumptious dessert pairs beautifully with Christmas Ale... or maybe even Barrel Aged Christmas Ale if you really want to impress your guests! You’ll have to try both to be sure.

However you choose to feast these holidays, we hope GLBC beer is a part of it! Use our Beer Finder to help locate some near you.

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