ABV: 7.5% | IBU: 30

The Stein Bock™ |

Pub Exclusive

For most, the tapping of bocks is associated with the joyous celebration of spring’s arrival. When these malty, spicy brews start flowing, we know that cabin fever’s on its way out and sunshine and warm weather can’t be far away. The Stein Bock, originally named for former Cleveland Brown Eric Steinbach, pays tribute to Cleveland’s unofficial spring holiday: Draft Day. It’s that magical time between “I think this might be our season” and “wait until next year” that keeps us going, clinging to our beloved sports tradition. This year on draft day, hoist a stein of our malty maibock in one hand, and cross your fingers for your hometeam on the other. It’s gonna be a long, hopeful summer.

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